Engineering, Integration and Techincal Services

Project Management

Aerotek Design Labs project management is a focused effort. Bringing your product to you on-time and on-budget is our expectation. Aerotek integrates your vision to our expertise to ensure efficient management of your program.

Technical Analysis

The knowledge available through Aerotek Design Labs is used to evaluate, design, prototype and manufacture products that are capable of meeting the needs of our customers.  Aerotek works with our customers to ensure that all parameters are defined and met.

Certification Services/Structural Analysis

Aerotek Design Labs has the capability available to thoroughly evaluate, design, and engineer products that will conform to industry and regulatory agencies.  This attention to standards assists in the overall certification process.

Configuration Management

Dedication to detail in the discipline of Configuration Management is a core competency for Aerotek Design Labs.  Complying with the regulatory requirements that exist today can be a frustrating endeavor for anyone.  Aerotek has maintained success in compliance with the FAA Regulations for Configuration Management.

Certification Testing

Aerotek Design Labs personnel are capable of taking a lead role in certification testing of products.  Full evaluative testing is performed at various stages in the process to ensure the final product is ready to be certified by the controlling regulatory agency.

Procedure Development

The development of procedures is a key to understanding the intricacies of a product.  Details are captured to ensure complete understanding, not only of the product itself, but of the interactions and dependencies involved.  Aerotek Design Labs takes pride in providing a portfolio of procedures and processes to satisfy requirements as defined by our customers.

Automated Test Procedure (ATP) Design

Aerotek Design Labs offers our customers solutions to their challenging requirements for Automated Testing.  Our team integrates the disciplines of test engineering into test plans that ensure the product performs as required in the field.  The level of automation in the testing significantly reduces the time required to test and certify or recertify production equipment.

Test Equipment Specifications

One challenge in today’s marketplace is ensuring that a quality product is being created and that it will function as marketed.  Aerotek Design Labs embraces this concept and understands that the testing prior to sale of products becomes a requirement in many instances.  Aerotek will investigate and create a customized specification for any and all test equipment that is required to ensure proper functionality of the product we develop.  When a customer utilizes this specification they can be assured that all functional parameters are being exercised.

Custom Test Fixture Design

Production test set development is incorporated into the design plan.  The ability to use testing to close the gap between inspection and process control delivers peace of mind to our customers that their product will operate under the defined parameters.  Aerotek Design Labs supports testing of products throughout their life cycle by designing customized fixtures as needed.