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Aerotek Design Labs mission is to provide an integrated FAA business solution to our customer base. Our goal is to become a natural extension of our business partner’s Value Chain in achieving mutual strategic objectives. We are an innovative technical company with a staff of 25 years’ experience in the industry. We are driven by Teamwork and forming long term partnerships in meeting the needs of the dynamic IFE industry."
Joe Chierigatti, CEO – Aerotek Design Labs, LLC.


  • Project Management
  • Technical Analysis
  • Certification/Structural Analysis
  • Configuration Management


  • PMA
  • Network of Approved Manufacturing Partners
  • Quality Surveillance
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Quality Assurance
  • Certification Testing
  • Procedure Development
  • Automated Test Procedure (ATP) Design
  • Test Equipment Specifications
  • Custom Test Fixture Design


  • Repair Services
  • Modification Programs/MTBF Tracking
  • Logistics
  • Training Programs

Welcome to Aerotek Design Labs, LLC.

Aerotek Design Labs is an aerospace technology company serving the needs of the commercial and general aviation marketplace. Aerotek Design Labs is a full service integrator of electronic products. We are FAA Certified, and have a world-wide presence for engineering design, program management, manufacturing, DAR services, quality inspection, electronic repair and logistical services.